Friday, August 3, 2018

Allow Your Dinners To Become An Event!

Why not allow your dinners to become a

celebration. Surprise your family, guest
with a wonderful table setting to bring the
food your serving to life, allowing your
taste buds to come alive!

We are proud to bring you the finest in
Stoneware Design by renowned artists,
Mara, and Prado.  

Serving and entertaining friends and
family is fun, so invite people into your
home and share the pleasures of food
and fellowship. That's the inspiration
behind the Stoneware Designs we offer
you. Art work for your table, bringing
people together.
"Stoneware Lovers USA, here to serve you!"

Let's Save Some Money..."Here's How!"

Let's face it, we are all trying to save money these days, 

and there are many ways to do so. For instance, get 
together with friends, that have a passion for coffee 
like you do, and buy several different kinds. Then, have 
them shipped to one centrally located address. 

Another thought would be to buy your fresh brew in 
5lb  packages instead of 1lb, they are discounted, and 
will save you hard earned dollars! The only advice would 
be to make sure the selection you make is one you have 
tried, and like so your taste buds won't be disappointed.
There is free shipping on all 5lb orders!

We hope these suggestions save you money, and at the 
same time, you continue to enjoy the quality of our coffee 
products, and service. Don't forget our Specials Page,with new 
selections, each month. Thank you in advance for your 
continued loyalty. 
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Monday, April 16, 2018

"Mothers Day Is Nearly Here......Pre Order Now!"

Why not brighten up Mom with a unique Gift
from Coffee Lovers USA. With so many to
choose from, you are sure to put a smile on her
face.   Stoneware Mugs, Espresso Coffee and so
 much more! Monthly Specials!

When you think of it, a gift last so much longer
than dinner out and is less expensive. Here's a
thought, cook Mom a home cooked meal with
family involved, make it an event she will not

To see her family working together to serve her,
will be a heartfelt blessing to Mom. Lets face it she
is usually the one serving the rest of us. There is
just nothing better than having your loved ones 
around the dinner table, sharing stories new and old.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Cappuccino Coffee; One Of The Best Known Blends World Wide!

Cappuccino coffee is one of the best known blends not just in the United States but basically all around the world. Anywhere you go, whatever café or coffee shop you enter, you would certainly see a long selection of coffee with this type of blend. This only shows that more and more coffee connoisseurs prove the great taste and aromatic excellence of this java blend.

Among the many other types of coffee including latte, macchiato, espresso and mocha. For cappuccino vs latte which is this blend the most loved and preferred? It usually depends on your palette but this coffee blend is a captivating one for casual coffee drinkers and aficionados alike. The great news is that you need not shell out a big amount of money in buying your favorite cup of coffee because you could now make it at home.

There are different recipes you could find in the internet and coffee books which could help you come up with your very own homemade caffeinated masterpiece. It is quite simple and foolproof and learning how to make this coffee blend only requires you to know the basics. For instance, the main ingredients are espresso and steamed milk. Nevertheless, due to the increasing modifications, style and diversity of the java blend you could now find other ingredients to mix.

Some coffee lovers experiment with the taste and mixture of their blend and add other recipes such as nutmeg, ground chocolate and colored candies to sprinkle on top of the froth. There are also choices of adding more milk, vanilla extract and so much more to give their blends an extra kick and boost to the palette.

Best Machines;

If you are making coffee at home or if you are starting your café, there are other essential must-haves such as having your own coffee maker or machine. Cappuccino-makers are vital tools in every kitchen especially if you have an insatiable thirst for this java blend. There are lots of brands and models of machines for your coffee making spree. Gaggia Platinum Vision Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, Capresso 121-01 Ultima Semi-Automatic Coffee and Espresso-Cappuccino Machine and Mr. Coffee ECM160 4-Cup Steam Espresso Machine are just few of the models to invest on.

Take note that these home appliances are very vital to your every day coffee making tasks and enjoyment. Make sure you find the model that suits your needs and has features that help you make great tasting and aromatic blends without the mess and fuss.

Although the frothy and foamy blend is undoubtedly a great treat for coffee lovers, it is quite difficult to deny that latte is also a popular choice. There are similarities between these two coffee blends however they also have distinct characters. This is entirely attributed to the mixture or ingredients used in making your cup of coffee.

Cappuccino is basically a balanced mixture of espresso, steamed milk and milk froth while latte is double shots of espresso and generous amount of milk without the froth. Froth in latte is usually for presentation sake only and not necessary part of your blend. "Anytime Is Coffee Time!"
Article written by; Coffeefacts!  

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

"Find The Perfect Gift"...Coffee Lovers USA!

New for 2017,  Monthly
Flavored Coffee Sampler,
4 different flavors every Month!
4 (1/2 lb Bags)

Whether you like your coffee hot or
cold we offer the finest coffee beans
and Coffee choice of regular or decaf,
whole bean or have your coffee ground
to perfection. Our Coffee Gifts, are
offered at special discounted prices.

Coffee on Sale:  Savings!
Organic Sumatra Coffee ~ 1 lb $16.95
Colombia Supremo~ 1 lb $15.95
 Espresso Italia Coffee~ 1 lb  $15.95

When that special occasion calls for
something extraordinary, think of
Gourmet Coffee Gift Sets and let us
make gift giving easier. Several designs
to choose from for the Coffee Lovers
on your list!

We feature Mara and Padilla Stoneware Mugs.

Mara Stoneware Mugs.

"DON'T Wait!  These are Ready to Ship!"
These Specials And So Much More!
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"...Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Christmas Time

There is a time when things seem fine,
a time of joy and reflection.
When children's eyes seem mesmerized
with sights of wondrous perfection.

A time when every moment spent
with great anticipation.
Soon to come the great event
of wondrous celebration. 

Yes, everyday concerns and woes,
no longer hold resentment.
As we go about our bright new day
and truly seek contentment. 

Our family, friends and God of course,
are really all that matter.
It's nice to know at Christmas time
all three are known to gather. 

It isn't just the presents, 
but the time we spend together.
The hugs, the talks, the jokes, the walks,
it just doesn't get much better. 

What really counts is love my friend,
and too much, you can never give.
Give all you have and then some more.
And remember to forgive.

December 2008 
Joe Patanella

Friday, November 24, 2017

"Do You Know Who You Are Buying From?"

"Before You Buy Know Who Your Buying From!"
So, who are we?  It's always a good idea to know who
you plan on doing business with, you know, establish
some common ground to build a relationship with.  
My name is Joe Patanella and I'm married to my
wonderful bride, Linda for 50 years and counting.  
The pictures you see are first, our grandchildren and
then our immediate family.  

I'm Italian and was born and raised in New York.  
We lived in the Bronx and Long Island until I was
12 and then we moved to Michigan.  Eventually I
got married at the ripe old age of 18 and my bride
was 17.  We raised two children, Tammy, my oldest
and Joe, my youngest.  We moved to Traverse City,
MI. to enjoy the beauty of God's creation.  The lakes
with all the blues and the greens of the Caribbean and
the wonderful valleys and hills known for their cherry
growing and wine vineyards are amazing.

Coffee Lovers USA is all about providing the highest
quality Arabica coffee beans. We have done our research,
so be assured, you will be more than satisfied with your
selection. We know people are passionate about their Coffee
and we are equally passionate about satisfying your desire to
enjoy your unique brew.

We start with a search for the best beans, and once our
quality standards are met, we than introduce them to you,
our customers. We will introduce new product and information
as we grow.

To achieve that wonderful flavor you deserve, we recommend
buying whole beans, fresh roasted, and delivered quickly to
your front door. It's that 3 step combination that guaranties
you a unique coffee experience. "Anytime Is Coffee Time!"