Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reaching Out, And Working Together!

Coffee Lovers USA is all about the finest
Java delivered to your door, and building
relationships that last.  If you have a quality
product that will serve our customers well,
don't hesitate to link up with us.

We are also interested in information sites as
well as products.  So lets develop a network
that will benefit our customers and our businesses.

We at Coffee Lovers USA thought it would
be fun to share some links from some excellent
Affiliates that deliver the very best in products
and information.  Sit back and enjoy a cup
of coffee and explore.  Who knows, you may
be guided into a new adventure!

Speaking of fun, we thought you might enjoy the
challenge of running your own "Coffee Shop."
It's a game online that you can play all about Coffee.
The Coffee Shop Game

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

History of Gift Baskets!

 Although we might think of gift baskets as a
modern way to give gifts, they have actually
a rather long legacy. Spanning years and
cultures, there are several fascinating stories
of gift baskets that have been given throughout

Likely one of the earliest accounts of a gift
coming in a basket is the basket of young
plants that the pagan goddess Eostre carried
in a basket, to be used as a sacred offering.

Although some scholars argue the place of
Eostre in Easter history, nevertheless this is
the likely source of the idea of what came to
be the modern-day Easter gift baskets.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Coffee Lovers USA, Here To Serve You!

Everyday I learn something new in life and its no
different in the coffee business. We strive to bring
you quality products, excellent service, fair prices,
and we're quick to respond to any questions you
may have.

We offer over 100 Gourmet Flavors, all Sugar Free,
100% Organic Espresso, our personal favorite.  We
also offer Decaf Espresso and so many more. We have
whole bean (we recommend buying whole bean) or
allow us to grind it for you, free. Choose regular or decaf,
available in 1 lb. or 5 lb. packages.  And don't forget,
your coffee is Fresh Roasted the day your order is shipped,
not before!

We have a great array of international varieties called Origins 
with unique flavors from around the world. Take advantage
of our tour to far away lands by allowing us to select different
Coffee Blends each month for you to enjoy.  What a wonderful
way to travel, without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coffee And Depression!

Coffee as an Antidepressant?
When you grab that morning cup of java, you’re
probably not thinking of it as an antidepressant.
You’re just trying to get that morning pick me up
to antidepressant, raising the spirits of people who
regularly drink the stuff. It acts on the central nervous
system and has mild antidepressant effects.

Coffee and depression studies have found that
drinking coffee reduced the rate of suicide in the
large demographic populations observed.

The first coffee and depression study that raised
the topic of java as an antidepressant was done in
1993. In this study, a Kaiser Permanente Medical
Care Program study of 128,934 nurses found that
java drinkers were significantly less likely to commit
suicide than nondrinkers.

This Nurse’s Health Study on coffee and depression
did not go so far as to establish a causal relationship
between java drinking and the drop in the suicide rate.
The study stated that it could be that the coffee itself
had little to do with it, but that people who drink coffee
share other characteristics that make them less likely to
commit suicide. A second study on coffee and depression,
however, confirmed these controversial findings and went
farther as to state that it was the coffee that dropped the
suicide rate. This study was especially noteworthy, as it
was large-scale and adjusted for a wide range of other

Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 1996,
the study followed more than 86,000 registered nurses in
the United States between 34 and 59 years of age for ten
years. Dr. Ichiro Kawachi, an epidemiologist at Harvard
Medical School who led this study, looked at the data from
the Kaiser Permanente study hoping to discount their findings.

Instead of what he expected to find, he confirmed the
original study’s results with his own: using coffee as an
antidepressant reduced the suicide rate in these nurses.

Dr. Kawachi discovered that the nurses he studied who
drank two to three cups of coffee a day were one-third
less likely to commit suicide as those who didn't drink any.

The nurses who drank more than four cups a day were
58% less likely to commit suicide than their colleagues
who drank less. The coffee and depression study of female
nurses found eleven suicides among those who drank two
to three cups of caffeinated coffee per day, compared with
twenty-one cases of suicide among those who said they
almost never drank coffee.

However, Dr. Kawachi and others aren't ready yet to use
coffee as an antidepressant for clinical depression. At the
minimum, Dr. Kawachi says that his study shows that drinking
lots of coffee can’t be bad for your health.

Psychiatrists point out that people must understand that
depression isn’t simply a state of mind; it is a very serious
medical issue that cannot be resolved simply by drinking

And cardiologists, while they recommend to their patients
with heart and other health problems to steer clear of caffeine,
know that it’s not good for a patient’s mental health to do so
immediately in a cold turkey manner. Instead, they recommend
bringing down the
coffee consumption gradually in order to avoid a severe state
of depression due to the drop in caffeine and other antidepressants
in coffee.

Whether it is the caffeine or something else, coffee does seem to
have at least a mild antidepressant effect. The caffeine in coffee
may have mood-elevating actions through effects on neurotransmitters
such as dopamine and acetylcholine.

It is also possible that coffee drinking has social effects, such as
increasing personal contacts and time spent socializing, that might
reduce thoughts of suicide.

Article Source: Randy Wilson
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Of Our Specials This Month!

New Coffee Specials are offered every
month all year long at Coffee Lovers USA.
Coffee is almost everybody's favorite beverage.
"Coffee Lovers USA, Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

This delicious Organic Mexico coffee comes from
a plantation located in the Sierra Madres, which is
found in the State of Chiapas.

You will find this medium roasted coffee to have
a light to medium body, a delicate, pleasant
acidity and a wonderful aroma. This delightful
coffee is certified organic.
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Home Coffee Shop Sampler!

Another unique gift from Coffee Lovers USA;
The Home Coffee Shop Sampler makes a
wonderful gift for the Coffee Lover in your
life! We can deliver it to the Office, or right
to their front door.

The Espresso Maker is something they can
use over and over again, while thinking of
The Home Coffee Shop Sampler contains:

(1) Stovetop Espresso Maker
(1) Bodum Milk Frother
(2) 1/2lb Espresso
(1) Instructions and Recipes
(1) 10x10x5 Gift Box

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Dye Free Coffee Scented Soy Candles!

Hand Poured Dye Free Soy Candles

Burn Very Clean, Eco Friendly!
Wonderful Scents of Coffee & Chocolate 
to choose from!

What are Dye Free Soy Candles?
Dye Free Soy candles are made from soy wax
with no Dyes which is a new alternative to paraffin
wax.  It is renewable and cost effective.

The soybean is one of the most versatile products 
used today. It has been a high protein source for
millions of people for thousands of years. Soybean
wax also seems to be the most promising natural wax
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"