Monday, April 25, 2016

Reaching Out, And Working Together!

Coffee Lovers USA is all about the finest 
Java delivered to your door, and building
relationships that last.  If you have a quality
product that will serve our customers well,
don't hesitate to link up with us.

We are also interested in information sites as
well as products.  So lets develop a network
that will benefit our customers and our businesses.

We at Coffee Lovers USA thought it would
be fun to share some links from some excellent
Affiliates that deliver the very best in products
and information.  Sit back and enjoy a cup
of coffee and explore.  Who knows, you may
be guided into a new adventure!

Speaking of fun, we thought you might enjoy the
challenge of running your own "Coffee Shop." 
It's a game online that you can play all about Coffee.
The Coffee Shop Game

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Monday, April 11, 2016

A Father, And Son Conversation, Memories!

My Dad has passed away since I wrote this article. He 
lived to be 87 years old, but I thought it was worth

So, I was with my Dad the other day, sharing old stories,
you know, picking his brain.  After all, he will be 84 years
old in September.  He's been around a little longer than I

He came from that generation of hard working people
where provision for the family was key.  A roof over our
head, 3 square meals, clothes on our back, and provide
for our immediate financial needs.

One of our topics of discussion turned to food.  Mom was
a great cook.  She just passed away this year.  In an Italian
family, food was always an important topic, and we have
excellent memories about Mom's cooking.

Well, Dad, being older now and with out Mom, tends to
go to restaurants when he's not at our house.  Restaurants
can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to healthy and
great tasting food.  We all tend to choose where we eat in
different ways.  For some it's all about money
(the cheaper the better).  Others need the ambiance
(comfort and elegance).   And finally, some go for a fair
 price for a good meal (not the cheapest, or the most expensive). 
For me, I lean toward the third category.  Give me a meal
that is fresh, good presentation, healthy with great taste at
 a fair price and I'm happy and so is my body. 

Giving this info to my Dad, changed (I think) his
perspective on where he eats.  Garbage in, does nothing
for your health or your dining experience.  I found out
Dad was going to a fairly cheap restaurant  serving
pre-cooked bacon and just plain loading a plate with
plenty of filling items, some without nutritional value,
not to mention the absence of great taste.  So I
recommended a friend's restaurant  that just opened in
a location downtown, close to where my Dad lives. 
Yes, the food was more expensive, but what a pleasurable
treat.  Fair price, good presentation, great taste, wonderful
service and all for $3 to $4 more in cost. 

I just found out Dad went back to the cheap place the
other morning for breakfast, it's hard to teach an old dog
new tricks, but I know he will be back at my friend's place
again, because he tasted the difference first hand.

Do we need the best?  No.
Do we need the cheapest?  No. 

Search out the places that have your best interest in mind. 
Buy quality products at a fair price.  When you find a
restaurant or business that serves you well, spread the
word and support them.

Our goal at Coffee Lovers USA is to be that place that
serves you well.  Hopefully this article will give you a
little bit of insight into who we are and what we are all
about.  Here to serve you.

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"