Thursday, November 21, 2019

Mara Serving Platters!

Stoneware Lovers USA;
Mara serving platters make a wonderful
presentation for hors d'oeuvre at your
next dinner party!  With so many designs
to choose from, stoneware Lovers are
sure to find one they will keep on display
even when not in use!  Style with durality,
Mara Stoneware will last for years.

Mara serving platters come in a variety of
styles and sizes.12 in. Round Platters,
13 & 16 in. Oval Platters.A great idea for
displaying on the wall or in your cabinet!
"Stoneware Lovers USA, Serving You!"

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Mara Stoneware Mugs

Mara Stoneware Mugs bring such delight to
the eyes, yet  are very functional and
practical for everyday use.  These
Mara Stoneware Mugs make fabulous gifts.
They are warm, practical, and last a life

Designed by the accomplished painter,
sculptor, and ceramicist Mara. They
are microwave and dishwasher safe and
are capable of being used for any food
and drink. Mara uses simplification
to give life to her work of ceramic
tableware. Her glazes are unique for
their quality and color and her fine
lines blend shape and essence into images.
Giving these mugs is a gift of class and
thoughtfulness. The warm earthy colors
and smooth finish just begs you to wrap
your hands around one every morning.

With so many styles and colors to choose
from, it makes gift giving fit everyone's
personality.  If you know someone that enjoys
their coffee, latte, cappuccino, or soup then
you know someone who would love a Mara coffee mug. 

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Saturday, November 9, 2019

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"...Coffee Lovers USA!

That's right, "Anytime Is Coffee Time", but

when fall makes its move, and winter is on
the horizon coffee orders start flying in.

Take advantage of our many selections from
around the world. Whether you want Organic,
 Blended, Fair Trade, Gourmet Flavored, Espresso,
decaf or regular, we have those and more to
choose from.
These coffees are fresh roasted daily and
delivered straight to your door. Try our new
Samplers, and receive several different
selections in one order, you will be glad you did!

We are waiting for the opportunity to serve you!
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Unique Gifts For The Holidays, And Year Round!

Coffee Lovers USA; 'On Going Special For You!"
Let's face it we are all trying to save money these days
and there are many ways to do so. For instance, get
together with friends that have a passion for coffee
like you do and buy several different kinds, then have
them shipped to one centrally located address.

Another thought would be to buy your fresh brew in
5lb  packages instead of 1lb, they are discounted and
will save you hard earned dollars! The only advice would
be to make sure the selection you make is one you have
tried and like so your taste buds won't be disappointed.

We hope these suggestions save you money and at the
same time you continue to enjoy the quality of our coffee,
products and service. Don't forget our Specials Page new
selections each month. Thank you in advance for your
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Monday, October 21, 2019

"Before You Know It The Holidays Are Here...Stock Up Now!"

The Holidays are approaching, and its time
to select your favorite brew, we roast just
for you!
Coffee's from around the world. You pick out
your favorite, tell us why, and we will post
your reply!
Selections are plentiful, so we are sure you
will find your favorite or a new  blends to sample!
Speaking of samples, that might be the best way
to try something new, or send as a gift.
Thanksgiving is nearly here, so give yourself
plenty of time to order!
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Fresh Roasted Flavored Coffee On SALE!

"All of our Regular Flavored Coffee will
be on Sale for $12.95, Till the end of
November. So STOCK up on Your "Favorites"
With over 100 types of gourmet flavored
coffee, you are sure to find something
to peak your interest. Of course we carry
best sellers like Hazelnut and Irish Créme,
but you may be tempted with other flavored
coffee like Cupids Kiss, Maple Bacon and
White Russian!
Coffee Lovers USA! "Anytime Is coffee Time!"

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Gift Giving Starts Here. Coffee Lovers USA!

Let's face it we are all trying to save money these days
and there are many ways to do so. For instance, get 
together with friends that have a passion for coffee 
like you do and buy several different kinds, then have 
them shipped to one centrally located address. 

Another thought would be to buy your fresh brew in 
5lb  packages instead of 1lb, they are discounted and 
will save you hard earned dollars! The only advice would 
be to make sure the selection you make is one you have 
tried and like so your taste buds won't be disappointed.

We hope these suggestions save you money and at the 
same time you continue to enjoy the quality of our coffee, 
products and service. Don't forget our Specials Page new 
selections each month. Thank you in advance for your 

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Just One Of Our Many Specials.

ON SALE NOW! "Coffee Lovers USA!
Organic Haitian Blue Mountain Coffee comes
from a small co-op in Haiti's Nord region.
The beans are the same varietal and grown
in the same type of soil as Jamaica Blue Mountain
so they're ready to deliver an
exceptional coffee experience.
Each cup has a creamy mellow body, medium
complexity, and prominent nutty flavors like
almonds. You'll love the buttery mouthfeel, 
low acidity, and sweet finish. Not just any coffee, 
this is truly one amazing and 
flawless cup of organic coffee bliss.
Roast: Medium-light.

Monday, August 19, 2019

"Coffee Lovers USA"
Whether you like your coffee hot or cold we
offer the finest coffee beans and Coffee choice
of regular or decaf, whole bean or have
your coffee ground to perfection. Our Coffee
Gifts, are offered at special discounted prices.
We feature Mara and Padilla Stoneware Mugs.
So check out our "Specials" every month,
save money and get the quality and service
you deserve. "Anytime Is Coffee Time."
One Of Our Many Specials This Month,
Flavored Coffee, Was $14.95
"NOW ON SALE"; Your Choice; $12.95