Monday, February 28, 2011

How To Choose Coffee Makers!

Want to know how to choose a coffee maker? 
When you go to buy a coffee maker there are
so many choices it's hard to know which one to

To end up with a coffee maker that is perfect for
you, you need to consider not only basic features,
but a few other features you may not have thought

First, you need to decide what type of filter you want.
Drip coffee makers offer two types of filters, a basket
type filter or a cone shaped filter.

The most popular basket type filters are ones like the
 Mr. Coffee brand coffee makers are famous for. These
 basket type filters swing out to put coffee in or take grounds

With cone type filters you fill the coffee and take grounds
out from the top of the coffee maker. Each has their own
advantages but cone type filters are a little less prone to

You may also want to consider a gold tone filter instead
of paper filters to give your coffee a richer taste. These
fine mesh gold screen filters allow more flavorful coffee
oils in your cup but they do require regular cleaning. So
decide if the extra maintenance is worth it.

Another important consideration for how to choose a
coffee maker is how convenient is the coffee pot to clean.
Coffee pots that have a long and slender neck will be harder
to clean than one with a wider opening at the top. That's
because it's hard to get your hand inside the pot.

If your hand can easily fit inside the coffee pot, it will make
leaning very easy. But if it's hard to clean with a small opening,
you will probably clean it less often. That will affect the taste
of your coffee over time due to the build up of oils and residue.
So look at how the pot is shaped for cleaning.

Another good tip for how to choose a coffee maker, is look
for the temperature your coffee will reach when brewing. The
water temperature needs to be between 195 to 205 degrees

Usually, the less expensive coffee makers do not reach these
temperatures but the better brand names will advertise this. If
you are looking for the best coffee maker for your money, this
should be a consideration. After all, you want your coffee maker
 to make great tasting coffee. 

With all the different choices and different models of coffee
makers, it's easy to get confused. But if you want to get the
best model that fits your lifestyle, remember these tips for how
to choose a coffee maker so you'll end up with the perfect choice.
Article Source: Tony Carrera
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Saturday, February 26, 2011

These Specials Will Be Changing Soon!

At Coffee Lovers USA we like to keep things

fresh. Yes it starts with our fresh roasted coffee
delivered straight to your home, but I'm speaking
of our Specials that run every month all year long!

Each month we put New Items on Sale to invite you,
Our Coffee Family, to sample different selections
at a discount.

Our  Flavored Coffee is on sale all year long, even
when coffee prices rise. We will try to maintain
this policy as long as we are able.

So take advantage of our Specials, save some money
and expect the same fine quality of the best coffee, and
coffee related products we can offer you .
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Coffee Does Compliment Food, Heres Proof!

Did you know that coffee and food compliment
each other?  According to some research we came
across, there are combinations of coffee and food
that really relate to your taste buds.

Imagine that! Just like what wine goes with what food,
now we learn that it's the same for coffee.  It makes
ense to me that some things taste good together, like
coffee & chocolate.  Why not other foods?

So, we would like to share some of that knowledge
with you, to enhance that wonderful past time we
call "Dining."
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Monday, February 21, 2011

India Malabar Monsooned Malabar Coffee!

According to legend, India is the birthplace of
coffee cultivation east of Arabia. Today coffee
production is under the strict control of the Indian
Coffee Board, which some say reduces economic
incentive and thereby lowers quality.
Notable Beans: Mysore, Monsooned Malabar

This India Malabar Monsooned Voyage coffee is a
top grade in the line of Monsooned Arabicas, and
it is certainly pleasing to those looking for an
unorthodox coffee with its mildly fermented,
Voyage Coffee with its full, suave body taste is
still so popular today is no accident. India's coffee
farmers have gone through painstaking measures
to make sure the Monsoon flavor remains true to
its original taste.
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Delonghi Combination Machine!

The DeLonghi BCO130T Combination Machine 
is perfect for people that want to make quality
drip coffee and espresso using 1 convenient
unit, saving both time and counter space.

Because the BCO130T has 2 separate
water reservoirs, you can simultaneously brew
into a 10-cup coffee carafe and a 4-shot
espresso carafe.

The BCO130T also features an automatic froth
dispenser, so there’s no need to worry about
manual steaming and frothing. With just a touch
of a button, the BCO130T processes milk and
dispenses perfect foamed or steamed milk right
into your cup for trouble-free cappuccinos and lattes.

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time For Our New Monthly Specials!

At Coffee Lovers USA we like to keep things
fresh. Yes it starts with our fresh roasted coffee
delivered straight to your home, but I'm speaking
of our Specials that run every month all year long!

Each month we put New Items on Sale to invite you,
Our Coffee Family, to sample different selections
at a discount.

Our  Flavored Coffee is on sale all year long, even
when coffee prices rise. We will try to maintain
this policy as long as we are able.

So take advantage of our Specials, save some money
and expect the same fine quality of the best coffee, and
coffee related products we can offer you .
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

5 Top Health Reasons to Drink Coffee;

Coffee is undeniably one of the most popular beverages in the
world.  Millions of people enjoy drinking coffee due to its
remarkable flavor, taste and aroma. However, there are also
tons of health reasons why drinking coffee in moderation is a
good habit.

Here are 5 top reasons and health benefits of coffee drinking
that strongly suggest that coffee is indeed a great alternative for
decreasing health problems and ailments.

#1 ? Coffee Decreases Chances of Alzheimer?s disease
#2 ? Coffee Reduces Risks of Heart Disease and Stroke
#3 ? Coffee Helps Prevent Type 2 Diabetes
#4 ? Coffee Reduces Risks of Liver Cancer
#5 ? Coffee Increases Alertness and Brain Stimulation

Check Out The Full Story:

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Coffee Samplers, Great For Small Business's!

This information is worth repeating. Many of
Our regular customers started out purchasing
Coffee Samplers, then picked out their favorites.
Once the choice is made you never get 
disappointed on your selection, and can order
your favorite in a larger quantity and save on 

Coffee samplers are a great way to introduce
yourself, your friends and family to the world of
specialty coffee. Our sample packs give you the
ability to explore the world of coffee with a variety
of flavored or traditional single origin coffees. Half
or full 1 lb bags, these generous sized packs
contain samples of the finest coffee the world has
to offer.

Coffee samplers are perfect to use for personal
travel since we can ship it directly to your
destination. You get there, and your coffee will be
waiting! Gourmet coffee packs make a great gift
that will be a reflection of your good taste!

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Friday, February 11, 2011

New Stoneware Coffee Mugs!

As promised we at Coffee Lovers USA are
continually adding new product for you our
coffee family. This month we have five new
Hand Painted Coffee Mugs for you.

These are the titles; Peace Signs, Love Bus,
Hummers, Dragon Fly, and Feathers. I have
connected each of these with a link directly
to the Stoneware Mug, so you will get a close
up view of the new design.

If you haven't ordered your Valentines Day
gift yet, I would strongly suggest ordering a
Gift Certificate. This will go directly to that
special someone on time before the Holiday.
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentines Day Gift Certificates!

Valentines Day will be here shortly! It may be
to late to get your gift selection to your loved
one on time. Solution, Coffee Lovers USA
Gift Certificate! On time all the time.

Our Gift Certificates come in various amounts
to fit your budget and gives your friends and
family an enjoyable experience.  They can
spend it all at once or a little at a time.  They
have no expiration date!

Gift Certificates may be printed and given as
a gift to anyone, or you may send a certificate
to a specific person by using their email address.
Either way, it's fast and convenient!
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yes Some Things Are Still Free!

At Coffee Lovers USA we select only the finest coffee
and coffee related products. We make a sincere effort
to be fair on our pricing as well, without losing the quality,
and service offered by our company.

So once in a while we can actually give you something
without any additional charge! "Yes you guessed it Free!"
This is plainly on our site yet many of our stoneware lovers
miss it and either ask, or are pleasantly surprised when
their package is delivered to their front door.

Anytime you order stoneware mugs from Coffee Lovers USA,
4-6 in quantity, you receive a "Free" wooden post/mug tree.
Display them/store them what ever you choose. Four mugs (4-post),
Six mugs (6-post). "Free", music to my ears, and yours as well!
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines Day, More History!

According to one legend, Valentine actually sent the first
"valentine" greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed
that Valentine fell in love with a young girl — who may
have been his jailor's daughter — who visited him during
his confinement.

Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter,
which he signed "From your Valentine," an expression that
is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine
legends is murky, the stories certainly emphasize his appeal
as a sympathetic, heroic, and, most importantly, romantic
figure. It's no surprise that by the Middle Ages, Valentine
was one of the most popular saints in England and France.

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Don't Wait Any Longer, Valentines Day!"

Believe It or not  Valentine Day is upon us.

Now I know we are all hyped up about the
Super Bowl, but you men, especially, don't forget 
your ladies favorite day of romance,
"Valentines Day!"

Make it easy on yourself and order on line.
Surprise her with a package delivered straight
to her door. You know something she would
not have expected you to do.

Fresh roasted coffee, Gourmet Flavored, fresh
brewed Espresso, Fair Trade Organic, and much 
more. How about a Valentines Day Gift Basket,
Coffee Scented Candles, Stoneware mugs, You 

Order today you will be glad you did.
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"