Monday, November 26, 2012

Cold Winter Days Coffee Gift Basket Set!

Warm up with the Cold Winter Days coffee gift basket set. We have created a medium-sized sampling of our best products, such as gourmet coffee, Tazo tea, and delicious Ghirardelli hot cocoa for you to give to a special guest, to your best f
riend, or to someone special on your Gift list.

The Cold Winter Days Coffee Gift Set contains:
(4) 1.5 oz Ghirardelli Double Chococolate Hot Cocoa Packets
(1) Tazo Chai concentrate Box
(2) 1/2 lb coffees selected by our Roast Master
(1) 9x9x4 Gift Box
Cold Winter Days Coffee Gift Basket
Price: $39.95
"Any Time Is Coffee Time!" 

"Hurry-Hurry The Holiday Rush Is On!!!"

This year, get that hard-to-buy-for person on your list something 
unique and fun; Our Santa Pants Gift is an actual pair of Santa 
pants filled with 2lbs of gourmet coffee and a 4oz Tortuga Rum 

. Not only will this gift give a laugh, it will also provide the
recipient with two of our holiday coffees and a delicious Rum
Cake from the Cayman Islands.

1lb Gourmet House Blend
1lb Mistletoe Joe Flavored Coffee
4oz Tortuga Rum Cake
Santa Pants Coffee Gift Set
Price: $34.95
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Precious Holiday Forgotten!

There was a time when people looked forward
to a certain Holiday that seemed to bring them
all closer together. A time when family, and close
friends sat around the dinner table, enjoying a
great feast that took all day, and then some to
prepare. Some traveled a long way, just to be
part of this celebration. It was long awaited,
with great anticipation!

There was always a time of sharing, and getting
reacquainted with those that were out of town. 
A time for hugs, laughter, and joyful tears, to be
together once more.  The food was always great
but the fellowship even sweeter.

These days, for some unexplained reason, we
tend to celebrate, of all things, Halloween with
great vigor, and then skip right into Christmas
(one of my favorite seasons).

But have we forgotten something?  Thanksgiving
Holiday is that season of being thankful for all that
God has provided for us.  To reflect on the good
things in life, and build on them.  Which by the
way, is a healthy attitude and can get you through
your day, and beyond.

We human beings are all about relationships. 
When we think we can do it ourselves, go solo,
we have it all wrong. Reconcile  with someone you
love, forgive them unconditionally.  Don't let the
bitter pill of un-forgiveness destroy you, and the
one you, deep down, really care about.

"Let Thanksgiving Day this year start a new season
of celebration, and joy for you and your family."

Happy Thanksgiving, and remember,
"Any Time is Coffee Time."

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Save Money All Year, Including Holidays!

Let's face it we are all trying to save money these days
and there are many ways to do so. For instance, get 
together with friends that have a passion for coffee 
like you do and buy several different kinds, then have 
them shipped to one centrally located address. 

Another thought would be to buy your fresh brew in 

5lb  packages instead of 1lb, they are discounted and 
will save you hard earned dollars! The only advice would 

be to make sure the selection you make is one you have 
tried and like so your taste buds won't be disappointed.

We hope these suggestions save you money and at the 

same time you continue to enjoy the quality of our coffee, 
products and service. Don't forget our Specials Page new 
selections each month. Thank you in advance for your 
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"