Friday, February 26, 2010

Espresso Cups!

Serve your java in style with beautiful, elegant
espresso cups. You can find a great selection
of espresso cups that are cute, elegant, trendy
or classic. The best espresso cups available are
double-layered to hold in the heat and to keep
your espresso hotter longer. You can find
double-layered cups in glass as well as ceramic,
and there are a great variety of designs to choose
from. You can match your espresso cups with
your coffee cups, or let them stand on their own
to make a unique statement.

Espresso cups are also referred to as "demitasse"
cups and hold about 2 or 3 ounces of fluid.
Cappuccino mugs, are larger, and contain 6 to 8 ounces.
Cappuccino is actually espresso mixed with hot milk,
which explains the larger size of cappuccino mugs.
Both Cappuccino and espresso cups are available
in glass, and there are many types of glass mugs
and cups available. The classic glass espresso cup
is a small glass cup with chrome handles and trimming.
These often have "little feet" at the bottom, or the cups
can be placed flat on a table. A very trendy design is
a glass, egg-shaped espresso cup without handles.
Or you can purchase little mug-shaped espresso cups
with matching plates. You can find clear glass, tinted
glass or blue glass espresso cups.

Ceramic espresso cups are widely available, and can
be purchased in classic white with gold trim, or in more
bold designs. Italian style espresso cups have solid
colors on the outside and egg white interior, or you can
purchase espresso cups with Italian scenes painted
on the outside. Many ceramic espresso cups have art
prints on the outside, and there are also novelty espresso
cups designed by well-known artists. Perhaps you
prefer a more classic design. While Victorian designs
might seem more appropriate for teacups, delicate
petals and leaf designs give your espresso set a
springtime, feminine look. Classic Dutch blue and
white ceramic design looks smart and crisp, and is
an excellent accent to your kitchen set. Whatever
type of ceramic espresso cups you choose, make
sure that your ceramic espresso cups are dishwasher
safe so the design won't fade.

For something different, try stainless steel espresso
cups with chrome handles and matching saucers.
Blue stoneware espresso cups have a natural look
and are a good accompaniment to organic espresso
and a whole wheat biscotti. You can find espresso
cups made out of unique materials that transcend
the common choices of ceramic and glass. You might
have to look a bit harder, but if originality is important
to you, it is not hard to find what you are looking for.

An attractive way to store and display your espresso
cups is on a stylish espresso cup "tree" that can usually
store up to six cups with the matching saucers stacked
in the middle. You can find these trees in chrome or silver;
make sure that they are rust resistant, since they will
most likely be placed close to a kitchen sink or a place
where there will be a lot of moisture. You can choose
revolving or stationary espresso cup trees in various
colors, styles and designs.

Once you have found attractive espresso cups to complete
the look of your dining ware, invite some guest over to
enjoy espresso in your new cups. You will be amazed at
how much more special espresso and dessert will be
when served on special plates and cups, and make sure
you keep the details of where you ordered your espresso
cups and the name of the brand and the style so you can
order more. Garrett
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Thursday, February 25, 2010

How To Choose Coffee Makers!

Want to know how to choose a coffee maker?
When you go to buy a coffee maker there are
so many choices it's hard to know which one
to pick.

To end up with a coffee maker that is perfect
for you, you need to consider not only basic
features, but a few other features you may
not have thought about.

First, you need to decide what type of filter
you want. Drip coffee makers offer two types
of filters, a basket type filter or a cone shaped

The most popular basket type filters are ones
like the Mr. Coffee brand coffee makers are
famous for. These basket type filters swing
out to put coffee in or take grounds out.

With cone type filters you fill the coffee and take
grounds out from the top of the coffee maker.
Each has their own advantages but cone type f
ilters are a little less prone to spillage.

You may also want to consider a gold tone filter
instead of paper filters to give your coffee a richer
taste. These fine mesh gold screen filters allow
more flavorful coffee oils in your cup but they do
require regular cleaning. So decide if the extra
maintenance is worth it.

Another important consideration for how to choose
a coffee maker is how convenient is the coffee pot to
clean. Coffee pots that have a long and slender
neck will be harder to clean than one with a wider
opening at the top. That's because it's hard to get
your hand inside the pot.

If your hand can easily fit inside the coffee pot, it
will make cleaning very easy. But if it's hard to clean
with a small opening, you will probably clean it less
often. That will affect the taste of your coffee over
time due to the build up of oils and residue. So look
at how the pot is shaped for cleaning.

Another good tip for how to choose a coffee maker,
is look for the temperature your coffee will reach
when brewing. The water temperature needs to be
between 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit.

Usually, the less expensive coffee makers do not
reach these temperatures but the better brand names
will advertise this. If you are looking for the best coffee
maker for your money, this should be a consideration.
After all, you want your coffee maker to make great
tasting coffee.

With all the different choices and different models of
coffee makers, it's easy to get confused. But if you
want to get the best model that fits your lifestyle,
remember these tips for how to choose a coffee
maker so you'll end up with the perfect choice.

Article Source: Tony Carrera
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How To Make Any Cup of Coffee Taste Better!

Hopefully, you are already drinking a premium cup 
of Joe, but the chances are that you will encounter
many a subpar cup of coffee in your lifetime. In that
case, you need to make sure that you are armed with
the expert knowledge to improve the flavor of the
bad brew right away.

The first simple thing that you can do if you are stuck
in a diner somewhere with a bleak looking cup of
coffee is to add salt to counteract the bitterness. This
is also particularly helpful for the sketchy office coffee,
as well as the church coffee that is brewed in an
enormous urn with cheap coffee grinds and sits for
hours. Shudder. If you end up having a cuppa Joe in
any of these situations, then add a pinch of salt, which
will work well to counteract the bitterness. If you are
stuck brewing cheap coffee grounds in your office,
then you can also add salt to the coffee grounds
before you brew them so that the final product will be
less bitter for everyone. Your coworkers will thank you!

Another trick is to also brew the coffee with cinnamon
in the grinds. This will add a subtle flavor to mask the
low quality coffee grounds that you may be using in your
office, or any other public setting, and it is truly helpful
if the only thing that you have to brew is generic store
bought coffee. It would be a fantastic idea to keep
cinnamon or salt in any of these situations where you
are brewing coffee grounds for a large amount of people.

Often times, you also find that office coffee makers are
rarely ever cleaned and are lower quality, so your end
product looks bleak. Brewing with cinnamon or salt will
help to change the overall flavor of a bad cup of coffee.

A few other ideas to improve the flavor of that coffee when
you have no other choice is to use twice the amount of
coffee grounds to strengthen the taste so that it doesn't
taste like weak , brown water. You can also brew with strictly
filtered water so that the chlorine and other minerals within
tap water won't affect your final brew. Another no-brainer tip
would be to make a complete fresh pot if you find that the
bitter coffee that you are drinking has been sitting around
for hours. This will also work well if you are in a restaurant
where the coffee tastes excessively bitter. Simply, (nicely!)
ask your waitress to brew a fresh pot for you since the coffee
that you are drinking may be old or bitter.

Your last and final option to making your bad cup of coffee
taste the best in any circumstance is to add an instant
packet of hot chocolate to the mix so that it has a sweet
mocha-like flavor. You can also add cream to this so that
the texture and consistency will be delicious. Be creative,
and use these tips to get yourself out of any sticky
circumstance with a bad cup of Joe!

Article Source:       Author:  Mark Ramos

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do We Need The Best?

So, I was with my Dad the other day, sharing old stories,
you know, picking his brain.  After all, he will be 84 years
old in September.  He's been around a little longer than I

He came from that generation of hard working people
where provision for the family was key.  A roof over our
head, 3 square meals, clothes on our back, and provide
for our immediate financial needs.

One of our topics of discussion turned to food.  Mom was
a great cook.  She just passed away this year.  In an Italian
family, food was always an important topic, and we have
excellent memories about Mom's cooking.

Well, Dad, being older now and with out Mom, tends to
go to restaurants when he's not at our house.  Restaurants
can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to healthy and
great tasting food.  We all tend to choose where we eat in
different ways.  For some it's all about money
(the cheaper the better).  Others need the ambiance
(comfort and elegance).   And finally, some go for a fair
 price for a good meal (not the cheapest, or the most expensive).
For me, I lean toward the third category.  Give me a meal
that is fresh, good presentation, healthy with great taste at
 a fair price and I'm happy and so is my body.

Giving this info to my Dad, changed (I think) his
perspective on where he eats.  Garbage in, does nothing
for your health or your dining experience.  I found out
Dad was going to a fairly cheap restaurant  serving
pre-cooked bacon and just plain loading a plate with
plenty of filling items, some without nutritional value,
not to mention the absence of great taste.  So I
recommended a friend's restaurant  that just opened in
a location downtown, close to where my Dad lives.
Yes, the food was more expensive, but what a pleasurable
treat.  Fair price, good presentation, great taste, wonderful
service and all for $3 to $4 more in cost.

I just found out Dad went back to the cheap place the
other morning for breakfast, it's hard to teach an old dog
new tricks, but I know he will be back at my friend's place
again, because he tasted the difference first hand.

Do we need the best?  No.
Do we need the cheapest?  No.
Do we need the most expensive?  No.

Search out the places that have your best interest in mind.
Buy quality products at a fair price.  When you find a
restaurant or business that serves you well, spread the
word and support them.

Our goal at Coffee Lovers USA is to be that place that
serves you well.  Hopefully this article will give you a
little bit of insight into who we are and what we are all
about.  Here to serve you.

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"
Joe Patanella, owner C.L.USA

Monday, February 22, 2010

Coffee Time!

I walked in the building,
and up the long stairs.
They creaked every step
like old wooden chairs.

I came to a hall way dimly lit,
yet one that I knew.
My Uncle Ralph and Aunt Mella,
lived in New York too.

The door was wooden and old,
like the building outside,
but family was within
just on the other side.

The voices and noises
began to ring clear,
Uncle Ralph and Aunt Mella,
my family was here.

As they talked and they shared
stories of old,
there was an aroma
so familiar, so bold.

It filled up the room
and warmed us all up.
We could hardly wait
for that wonderful cup.

Anticipating the moment was near,
those long awaited words
we all wanted to hear.

But until we heard from
the head of the house,
my favorite person
my Uncle Ralph.

No big story, no big rhyme,
just my Uncle calling out
Its Coffee Time!!!!!

by Joe P.
Coffee Lovers USA, March 2008
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Unique Coffee Candles!

Everyone loves coffee scented candles!  Whether you're
dining, entertaining, relaxing or working, scented
candles create a warm and soothing atmosphere in
your home or office.

Coffee Scented Candles also make excellent gift ideas for
any special occasion. Whether you're looking for a
birthday gift, Mother's day gift, Christmas gift, gift for
him, gift for her, or a gift for yourself, our scented
candles always make the perfect choice.

Each and every candle is uniquely hand crafted and
carefully hand poured for highest quality. The
fragrance oils used are high grade, concentrated
oils specially formulated.
The wicks used in these scented candles, are l
ead-free, and no harmful additives are added.  
Only the finest ingredients are used to make these
coffee scented candles.

All Candles Made In The USA!
"Anytime is Coffee Time!"

Friday, February 19, 2010


I don't know about you but sunshine always puts
a smile on my face, it just feels and looks so good.
Especially here in Northern MI. where its usually
cloudy and snowing. Don't get me wrong I love
Traverse City but without sunshine its just a little
duller around here.
Now that the suns out I start thinking about some
of our warm weather products like this one!

It's not easy for a true coffee lover to be excited
about an instant coffee product in a jar.  But, we
are excited to be introducing Cafe Essentials.
Café Essentials is Dr Smoothie’s gourmet
specialty beverage line.
Here's their story.....
Back in 1997, one great idea got its start and was
pursued with time-less effort that started in the kitchen.
This one idea has developed into the International
award-winning company that is the Dr Smoothie Brands
we know today.

Beginning with smoothies and then moving into other
specialty markets, the Dr Smoothie Brands have
developed products that are health conscious, delicious
tasting and especially good for you.

Dr. Smoothie is famous for a healthy approach to
specialty beverages, and formulates products with the
consumers good health in mind.  Health and wellness
are the keys to a long and satisfying life for you and
your family.

Barista's and home users alike all agree that Cafe
Essentials produce professional results. Whether you
prefer your beverages hot or blended with ice and flavors.
Cafe Essentials is sure to impress.
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Which Coffee Complements Which Food?

This info was given out in December but is worth repeating!
Let us know if it helped you in your selection process.

Did you know that coffee and food compliment
each other?  According to some research we came
across, there are combinations of coffee and food
that really relate to your taste buds.  Imagine that!
Just like what wine goes with what food, now we
learn that it's the same for coffee.  It makes sense
to me that some things taste good together, like
coffee and chocolate.  Why not other foods?
So, we would like to share some of that knowledge
with you, to enhance that wonderful past time we call
Check-out the "Coffee And Health" button on our
front page. "Any Time Is Coffee Time!"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lets Talk!

What do you want to know about coffee?
Many of us have questions but are to
embarrassed to ask. You would be surprised
how many of us don't ask thinking everybody
else knows.

Well heres an opportunity on Coffee Lovers USA
Blogspot to start a little forum!
Ask your question no matter how simple or difficult
it maybe and you will get an accurate responce.
You may get more than one answer but you will get
your question answered in the privacy of your own
home. See no intimidation or embarrassment just
great information that will educate you about coffee.

So join us for a little dialog and remember,
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"  

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tough Times, New Ways!

As we continue this journey called life there will be easy times
and tough times. No surprise just a thing called life. At 61 years
old I have had my share of both. I have learned many lessons
along the way and realized, as I looked back, the most valuable
lessons learned were through the tough times.

You Know the times we are in the misdt of the battle looking
for a little light at the end of the tunnel. You see sometimes we
are moving forward at warp speed not taking time to think first
about what we say and do. This is usually when we get into trouble!

So how do we avoid falling into the pit of hopelessness? Slow
Down, take time to smell the coffee and think before we act.
Well thought out plans/decisions/goals are going to benefit
all of us in the long run and truly display signs of Wisdom
and not foolishness.

Tough times will come and go, its how we deal with them
that shows wisdom and character!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's All About Health, Or Is It?

As I got involved in the coffee business I researched
his beverage. I wanted to be more educated so I could
pass on this information to our coffee family. I found
myself asking this question, is it all about health?

I learned about the many ups and downs about coffee,
which by the way, there seems to be many more ups,
as far as health is concerned. Also the importance of
freshness, whole bean verses ground, water temperature,
roasted the day of delivery, how to store it, cleaning your
coffee pot properly and the list goes on. All important
information and we do include this on our Coffee Lovers USA
website and more. But for me and many others, I just plainly
love the aroma that fills the room when a fresh pot is brewing.
The wonderful taste as I sample my first sip.

The variety of coffee beans from all around the world that
deliver their own distinct flavor. To me it's close to walking
into a home where fresh baked bread is just coming out of
 the oven.

Yes, I'm happy there are many health benefits surrounding
our favorite brew, but what makes me a coffee drinker is the
pleasure it brings in all the above mentioned areas.

Life can get pretty complicated at times and we can become
very analytical. So let's take a break from the busyness, take
a deep breath, put up a pot of our favorite brew. Don't chug it,
but sip it and enjoy the taste, the aroma and life will seem sweeter.
It's not the destiny but the journey we need to enjoy. Let every
moment count. Remember, "Any Time is Coffee Time."

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines Day!

Do something special for the one you love this weekend,
let it be date night all weekend! Saying I love you never
gets old! If you agree send me some yes votes, lets have
some fun and see how many people put "I Love You to a Vote!"
Remember: "Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

"Stop The Confusion!"

Oftentimes walking into a coffee shop and glancing
at the menu can be pretty daunting. All the fancy
names are enough to scare someone into sticking
with one safe choice for all of eternity. Fear no longer,
here is a handy-dandy cheat sheet so that you can
stand up to the snobbiest of baristas.

Espresso: A concentrated coffee beverage brewed
with finely ground coffee beans. They are poured and
served in shots. You typically order espresso in
increments: a single shot (solo), a double shot (doppio),
a triple shot (trippio), four shots (quad), etc.

Espresso Con Panna: Shots of espresso topped with
whipped cream. Order like so, “I’d like a doppio con panna.”

Espresso Machiatto: Espresso shots with a scoop of
foamed milk. If you want to get fancy, a wet macchiato
includes some steamed milk with your foam, and a no
foam macchiato has just a splash of steamed milk. To
order this one, “I’d like a solo wet macchiato.”
In the drinks below the number of espresso shots depends
on the size of the beverage you order.

Caffé Americano: Espresso shots with hot water. Fans
of regular brewed coffee may especially enjoy these.

Caffé Latte: Espresso shots with steamed milk and a
thin layer of foam.Caffé Mocha: Espresso shots with
mocha, steamed milk, and oftentimes whipped cream.

Cappuccino: Espresso shots with steamed milk and a
great deal of thick foam. Try getting specific with this drink too!
A wet cappuccino has more milk and less foam. A dry
cappuccino has less milk and more foam, and a bone-dry
(or extra dry) cappuccino has no milk and only foam.

Caramel Machiatto: Steamed milk sweetened with vanilla
and a thin layer of foam. Espresso shots are poured on top
followed by caramel sauce. This drink is similar to a vanilla
caffé latte, the main difference being that the espresso shots
sit on top rather than mixing uniformly throughout the drink.

As you try all of these different drinks feel free to specify
what type of milk you’d like. Nonfat? Soy? Add additional
shots if you’d like your drink stronger or ask for extra or no
foam if you prefer.

Baristas can also make your drinks decaffeinated or
half-caffeinated and in most cases flavor any of these
drinks with sugar based or sugar-free sweeteners.

Chain coffee joints keep their drink recipes uniform but
don’t be shy to ask questions at your local coffee shop.
How many shots are in your medium Americano?
What sugar-free syrups do you have? Etc.

Try something new this month, and order with confidence!
Article Source: Espresso Month

Remember: "Anytime Is Coffee Time"
 Coffee Lovers USA

Thursday, February 11, 2010

DeLonghi Espresso Machines! "Happy Valentines Day!"

Delonghi Espresso Machines and Coffee Makers
are elegant and graceful in style, while providing
the utmost in performance and efficiency.  If you
have a flair for style and want delicious espresso
at a great price, DeLonghi espresso machines and
coffee makers are for you.

DELONGHI  ("Free Shipping On Selected Models")
For over 100 years, DeLonghi, headquartered in
Treviso, Italy, has built a reputation based on their
Italian heritage paired with innovative design and
consistently high quality standards. Its designers
continue to be forward thinking in their philosophy
and have created a popular line of coffee and
espresso machine products.

Whether you select low end or high end espresso
machines or coffee makers, be assured of the quality
and great cup of coffee that DeLonghi will provide for
you.  How can you go wrong, a great selection of
Espresso, Origins, Organics, Blends, decaf or regular
Arabica beans brewed to perfection with Delonghi from
Coffee Lovers USA. "Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentines Day Coffee Recipe!

While others may find it romantic to sip wine in the evening
I much prefer a cup of coffee.  I like a great wine once in awhile,
don’t get me wrong, but there is something awfully romantic
about coffee as far as I am concerned.

Bon Appétit  | February 1992
Recipemain Ingredients;
Milk/Cream,  Vanilla,  Coffee type Non-Alcoholic

Yield:4 servings
A coffee drink served at Jause, the Viennese take on
afternoon tea.


Vanilla Sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 vanilla bean, split lengthwise

1 cup chilled whipping cream
1 cup ground mocha java coffee
6 cups distilled waterprint a shopping list for
this recipe preparation

For sugar:
Place sugar in airtight container. Bury vanilla bean
pieces in sugar. Cover and let stand at room temperature
2 days. Stir mixture once a day. (Can be prepared 1 month ahead.)

For coffee:
Beat cream to soft peaks in large bowl. Gradually add
1/4 cup vanilla sugar and beat to stiff peaks.

Place filter in drip-type coffee maker. Fill with ground coffee.
Bring 6 cups water to boil. Slowly ladle water over coffee.
Let water drip through before adding more. Divide coffee among
4 glasses or coffee cups. Top each with dollop of cream.

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Article Source;   Bon Appétit

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Soy Candles, Dye Free!

Coffee Scented Candles
Hand Poured Dye Free, Soy Candles
Burn Very Clean, Eco Friendly!
Wonderful Scents of Coffee & Chocolate
to choose from!

What are Soy Candles?

Soy candles are made from soy wax which is a
new alternative to paraffin wax.  It is renewable
and cost effective. The soybean is one of the
most versatile products used today. It has been
a high protein source for millions of people for
thousands of years. Soybean wax also seems
to be the most promising natural wax available.
Natural waxes such as soy waxes are gaining
in popularity but natural waxes are not new.
Beeswax and tallow were used in colonial times
to produce candles. Beeswax is a great natural
alternative to paraffin, but unfortunately, to get the
same results as a soy-based candle, it is cost
prohibitive to use 100% beeswax in candles.

Soy is in lots of things like body & skin care
products, hair products, crayons, paint removers,
and cleaning products. The production and burning
of soy  candles can greatly benefit the American
agricultural economy. When soy wax replaces
common paraffin wax, an estimated60 million
pounds of soy beans will be required for annual
candle production. I predict we'll see some
happy farmers!

Soy candles last three times longer than petroleum-
based candles, have an incredible scent throw with
virtually no black soot.

Our Soy Candles are made with 100% pure Soy
wax and are free of dye. These Soy Candles also
have Eco friendly, lead free wicks and highly
concentrated fragrance oil.  Soy candles burn
cleaner, cooler and slower, therefore helping the
air we breath and reducing soot in our home.
That means more enjoyment and healthier air
quality for you and your family. Soy candles are
also water-soluble, meaning that if it's spilled, it
can easily be cleaned up with soap and water.
Sure to please the Coffee Lovers and Chocolate
Lovers on your list for gift giving!
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Blended Coffee The Way You Like Them!

Blended coffee, Black Velvet On Sale, is the
practice of mixing quality characteristics to create a
 "well-rounded" cup of blended coffee that offers the
best of several coffees or to create a new taste from
complementary coffees. The better quality high altitude
coffees from each producing country have distinctive flavor,
body, and aroma characteristics that many people prefer to
enjoy straight. Blended coffee increases variety and
allows you to create a personalized cup.

First blend, then roast! As a rule, different coffees are
combined while still raw, to produce what is referred
to in the trade as 'blends." A very small number of
roasters prefer to blend their coffees after roasting.
Four or more different varieties are necessary in order
to achieve the particular flavor required because only
by blending can the natural fluctuations in quality
amongst the different varieties be compensated for.

Why Blended Coffee?
When searching for something different but unique in flavor,
blended coffee  isa viable option. Putting together the best
quality of several beans may be just what your taste buds are
looking for. Some decisions are better left up to the
experts and I believe this is one of them.

The search for your favorite blended coffee is a process of
elimination. Blends are a safe way to start your exploration.
You may find several that will be a regular choice on your
monthly order.Try our selections and let us know how you
feel about our Coffee Blends!
Available in 1 Pound & 5 Pound packages.

Remember; "Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

Monday, February 1, 2010

"It's Party Time!"

Two big events for Feb. 2010 are coming so why not get
your orders in now. Super Bowl Sunday and Valentines Day!

There's nothing like fresh espresso to warm every body
up at any gathering. So check out our unique gift baskets
and build your own, thats right you choose  the coffee you

We have a great selection of candle gifts for that candle lover
you know. This would be a great Valentines Day Gift for
that someone special.

Our Designer Mugs are another great hit for gift giving,
unique and durable stoneware they will enjoy for a
life time.

These are just some suggestion's, there are so many more
to choose from Remember:"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"