Sunday, February 21, 2010

Unique Coffee Candles!

Everyone loves coffee scented candles!  Whether you're
dining, entertaining, relaxing or working, scented
candles create a warm and soothing atmosphere in
your home or office.

Coffee Scented Candles also make excellent gift ideas for
any special occasion. Whether you're looking for a
birthday gift, Mother's day gift, Christmas gift, gift for
him, gift for her, or a gift for yourself, our scented
candles always make the perfect choice.

Each and every candle is uniquely hand crafted and
carefully hand poured for highest quality. The
fragrance oils used are high grade, concentrated
oils specially formulated.
The wicks used in these scented candles, are l
ead-free, and no harmful additives are added.  
Only the finest ingredients are used to make these
coffee scented candles.

All Candles Made In The USA!
"Anytime is Coffee Time!"

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