Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How To Make Any Cup of Coffee Taste Better!

Hopefully, you are already drinking a premium cup 
of Joe, but the chances are that you will encounter
many a subpar cup of coffee in your lifetime. In that
case, you need to make sure that you are armed with
the expert knowledge to improve the flavor of the
bad brew right away.

The first simple thing that you can do if you are stuck
in a diner somewhere with a bleak looking cup of
coffee is to add salt to counteract the bitterness. This
is also particularly helpful for the sketchy office coffee,
as well as the church coffee that is brewed in an
enormous urn with cheap coffee grinds and sits for
hours. Shudder. If you end up having a cuppa Joe in
any of these situations, then add a pinch of salt, which
will work well to counteract the bitterness. If you are
stuck brewing cheap coffee grounds in your office,
then you can also add salt to the coffee grounds
before you brew them so that the final product will be
less bitter for everyone. Your coworkers will thank you!

Another trick is to also brew the coffee with cinnamon
in the grinds. This will add a subtle flavor to mask the
low quality coffee grounds that you may be using in your
office, or any other public setting, and it is truly helpful
if the only thing that you have to brew is generic store
bought coffee. It would be a fantastic idea to keep
cinnamon or salt in any of these situations where you
are brewing coffee grounds for a large amount of people.

Often times, you also find that office coffee makers are
rarely ever cleaned and are lower quality, so your end
product looks bleak. Brewing with cinnamon or salt will
help to change the overall flavor of a bad cup of coffee.

A few other ideas to improve the flavor of that coffee when
you have no other choice is to use twice the amount of
coffee grounds to strengthen the taste so that it doesn't
taste like weak , brown water. You can also brew with strictly
filtered water so that the chlorine and other minerals within
tap water won't affect your final brew. Another no-brainer tip
would be to make a complete fresh pot if you find that the
bitter coffee that you are drinking has been sitting around
for hours. This will also work well if you are in a restaurant
where the coffee tastes excessively bitter. Simply, (nicely!)
ask your waitress to brew a fresh pot for you since the coffee
that you are drinking may be old or bitter.

Your last and final option to making your bad cup of coffee
taste the best in any circumstance is to add an instant
packet of hot chocolate to the mix so that it has a sweet
mocha-like flavor. You can also add cream to this so that
the texture and consistency will be delicious. Be creative,
and use these tips to get yourself out of any sticky
circumstance with a bad cup of Joe!

Article Source:       Author:  Mark Ramos

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