Monday, February 22, 2010

Coffee Time!

I walked in the building,
and up the long stairs.
They creaked every step
like old wooden chairs.

I came to a hall way dimly lit,
yet one that I knew.
My Uncle Ralph and Aunt Mella,
lived in New York too.

The door was wooden and old,
like the building outside,
but family was within
just on the other side.

The voices and noises
began to ring clear,
Uncle Ralph and Aunt Mella,
my family was here.

As they talked and they shared
stories of old,
there was an aroma
so familiar, so bold.

It filled up the room
and warmed us all up.
We could hardly wait
for that wonderful cup.

Anticipating the moment was near,
those long awaited words
we all wanted to hear.

But until we heard from
the head of the house,
my favorite person
my Uncle Ralph.

No big story, no big rhyme,
just my Uncle calling out
Its Coffee Time!!!!!

by Joe P.
Coffee Lovers USA, March 2008
"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

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