Monday, November 18, 2013

Why Shop On Line?

When you shop on line you: Save money on gas! Save on time not having to search for a parking space! You have a selection from of products around the World, and services right there at your fingertips. You don’t have to rush to get there before the store closes, shop on line 24 hours a day. These are just a few of the benefits to shop on line.

Let’s face it, we all want the best deal. Price, sometimes, is the driving force behind our decision to purchase an item.  It could be a product or service, but we are certainly pressured by price. Is the cheapest price always the better way to go? “Definitely, without a doubt, NO.”  Many of us have had a bad experience of cheaper isn’t better! “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!”
But, how do I choose which on line store to purchase from, and how will I know I’ve made the right choice? Here are some tips that may help make that decision.
What to look out for; If the product or service is much cheaper than the average price after comparing several  sites, Red Flag! If there is not a full description or visual of the product or service, Red Flag! If there is lack of information to help educate you in making your final  selection, Red Flag! If there is lack of information about the Company, like how it got started, and their business practices in regard to their customers, Red Flag! If there is lack of contact information, if a problem should arise, or a question  needs to be asked, Red Flag! If there is not a responsible Return Policy you can read, Red Flag! No well known secure credit card payment transaction, (such as PayPal etc.) Red Flag!
These are some of the items to watch out for.  A website that has all this covered, would typicality be one that can be trusted and great to do business with.  Hope these tips will help you in the future.
Joe Patanella, Owner Coffee Lovers USA!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Precious Holiday Forgotten!

There was a time when people looked forward

to a certain Holiday that seemed to bring them
all closer together. A time when family, and close
friends sat around the dinner table, enjoying a
great feast that took all day, and then some to
prepare. Some traveled a long way, just to be
part of this celebration. It was long awaited,
with great anticipation!

There was always a time of sharing, and getting
reacquainted with those that were out of town. 
A time for hugs, laughter, and joyful tears, to be
together once more.  The food was always great
but the fellowship even sweeter.

These days, for some unexplained reason, we
tend to celebrate, of all things, Halloween with
great vigor, and then skip right into Christmas
(one of my favorite seasons).

But have we forgotten something?  Thanksgiving
Holiday is that season of being thankful for all that
God has provided for us.  To reflect on the good
things in life, and build on them.  Which by the
way, is a healthy attitude and can get you through
your day, and beyond.

We human beings are all about relationships. 
When we think we can do it ourselves, go solo,
we have it all wrong. Reconcile  with someone you
love, forgive them unconditionally.  Don't let the
bitter pill of un-forgiveness destroy you, and the
one you, deep down, really care about.

"Let Thanksgiving Day this year start a new season
of celebration, and joy for you and your family."

Happy Thanksgiving, and remember,
"Any Time is Coffee Time."