Friday, December 18, 2009

Gift Certificates!

Are you worried about your gift getting there on time for Christmas?
Can you say "Gift Certificate?"
Are gift certificates not personalized enough? Do we really care or have we
spent any time considering our family member, friend or co-worker's
interest as to what they would enjoy as a gift?

My personal experience in this quest is, yes to all the above!  A gift
certificate is the gift that keeps on giving.  Once you know the likes, dislikes,
passions of the recipient, it is not only easy but a pleasurable experience for
them and you.  They don't have to spend the full amount all at once.  They
have the pleasure of experiencing the fun again every time they use it.
I remember purchasing a certificate several times over the years for my
wife at her favorite store for Christmas and was pleased and amazed at
how much she enjoyed herself again and again
The key is to have some idea of what the recipient likes.
Then allow them to make their own choices.  Whether spent all at once
or over a period of time, it will be a wonderful experience for all involved.
Joe P. owner C.L.USA

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