Sunday, October 10, 2010

Food Groups?

  It's a well know fact that certain wines compliment certain food groups.  Many of your 5 star restaurants offer a wine selection for each course: before dinner, with appetizer, with entree, and with dessert.  To help you with your selection, a table or chart is offered, pairing up wine with food.  Accepting the wisdom of those more knowledgeable, tends to enhance your dining experience.     

Well, good news Coffee Lovers!  For those of us that really enjoy a good cup of coffee, we now have a table or chart that will pair up food groups that will enhance our dining pleasure as well.     Grapes grown in different climates and terrains around the world produce different tastes in the finished wine.  Also, coffee plants grown around the world will have different effects and characteristics in the finished coffee.  

So, it is best to know what goes with what when selecting your favorite wine or coffee. Solution, we've found some research that shows the various characteristics and effects that coffee can have on different foods.  Click on the Coffee and Food button on our navigation bar to the left.  It will bring you to an informational chart and help show you how this works.     

So, the next time you think about making a coffee selection, you may want to think about what it will go with.  Is it a great "get you going" breakfast coffee?  Or maybe an after dinner "relaxing chat" with friends.  You decide, and let us know what effect it makes on your next dining experience!
 "Anytime is Coffee Time" 

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