Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Time Holidays Are Here!

 Mother's Day is now behind us, and Fathers Day
is approaching. Now in between those two holidays
we have the announcement of Memorial Day. Yes
the day we celebrate our true heroes of the past,
that risked their very lives for our freedom.

Today we have many men and women performing
the very same heroic deeds that were performed in
the past, risking their lives for our freedom.

"Take some time out of your day to say a prayer, 
and be thankful for these brave souls. Ask God to 
protect, and watch over them."

This is also a good time for family, and friend
gatherings, so be prepared with the many coffee's
and coffee products we offer. Check out our
Coffee Lovers USA Specials Page. Enjoy
the warmth of summer its on the way!

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

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