Saturday, October 29, 2011

Roasters' Common Characteristics!

 No matter the name, these roasters have many characteristics in common;

• Sourcing. Beans are sourced not just by country but by 
farm and varietal. So coffee isn’t just from Guatemala, it’s
bourbon beans from Finca el Injerto; sometimes, coffees are 
even are labeled by latitude, longitude and elevation.

• Seasonality. Coffee is a seasonal crop, and the selections at 
good roasters reflect what’s available rather than keeping 
beans in storage. For example, the harvest in Brazil starts in 
May, which means by late fall the new South American crop is 
• Roast Profile. A lighter roast has more character than a darker 
roast. Rather than mask coffee’s distinct flavors with a dark roast 
profile (a longstanding practice by many),now roasters are using 
a light hand with their well-sourced, seasonal coffee. You want to 
taste what’s distinct about each.
• Freshness. Coffee should be consumed shortly after roasting –
some say within seven days, others allow for up to two weeks. 
(By comparison, it’s not unusual on supermarket shelves to find 
coffee six to nine months old.) New York Times Oct. 29, 2011

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