Monday, November 16, 2009

It's All About Health, Or Is It?

As I got involved in the coffee business I researched this beverage. I wanted to be more educated so I could pass on this information to our coffee family. I found myself asking this question, is it all about health?

I learned about the many ups and downs about coffee, which by the way, there seems to be many more ups, as far as health is concerned. Also the importance of freshness, whole bean verses ground, water temperature, roasted the day of delivery, how to store it, cleaning your coffee pot properly and the list goes on. All important information and we do include this on our Coffee Lovers USA website and more. But for me and many others, I just plainly love the aroma that fills the room when a fresh pot is brewing. The wonderful taste as I sample my first sip.

The variety of coffee beans from all around the world that deliver their own distinct flavor. To me it's close to walking into a home where fresh baked bread is just coming out of the oven.

Yes, I'm happy there are many health benefits surrounding our favorite brew, but what makes me a coffee drinker is the pleasure it brings in all the above mentioned areas.

Life can get pretty complicated at times and we can become very analytical. So let's take a break from the busyness, take a deep breath, put up a pot of our favorite brew. Don't chug it, but sip it and enjoy the taste, the aroma and life will seem sweeter. It's not the destiny but the journey we need to enjoy. Let every moment count. Remember, "Any Time is Coffee Time."

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