Monday, November 16, 2009

Off With The Old, On With The New!

The way that I was, the way that I knew
Was all about me, and not about You.

I filled my life up with stuff and ideas
That brought joy to me, as you watched and shed tears.

Then one day it was clear, it was not about me.
My priorities changed, and I desired to please Thee.

It was no longer I that was the center of things,
But my Savior, my Jesus that created everything.

You gave me my gifts, my passion for life,
To love all You made as we prepared for Paradise.

One day I'll be with you, without any fear,
Listening for those words that I so long to hear.

"Well done good and faithful servant, I'm glad that your here.
No more sin, no more sadness to fear.

The old is all gone, your pure as the snow.
The new is within you and outside all a glow.

A place I've prepared, for you my son.
Your Daddy loves you, the battle is won!"

March 2008

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