Monday, March 22, 2010

Know Who You Are Doing Business With!

So, who are we?  It's always a good idea to know
who you plan on doing business with, you know,
establish some common ground to build a relationship
with.  My name is Joe Patanella and I'm married
to my wonderful bride, Linda for 43 years and counting.  
I'm Italian and was born and raised in New York.
We lived in the Bronx and Long Island until I was
12 and then we moved to Michigan.
Eventually I got married at the ripe old age of 18
and my bride was 17.  We raised two children,
Tammy, my oldest and Joe, my youngest.
We moved to Traverse City, MI. to enjoy the beauty
of God's creation.  The lakes with all the blues and
the greens of the Caribbean and the wonderful
valleys and hills known for their cherry growing and
wine vineyards are amazing.

As you can see from our intro., family and relationships
are very much a priority in our lives along with God's
direction and wisdom.

Why the Coffee Business?  Well growing up,
coffee was enjoyed by all in my family.  It was a
time to sip on our favorite brew and talk around
the kitchen table.  A time out of our busy day to
talk to each other and build on our relationships.
Many times there was uncontrolled laughter.
Other times many word's of wisdom were shared,
and oh yes there were those occasional
arguments or disagreements, but that was just
processing life together.

So, all that said we decided to expand on those
thoughts and offer you an opportunity to take time
out and enjoy life, sit around the table with your
favorite brew and maybe just maybe you will begin
the art of listening and communicating with each
other once more.

We would like to say thank you in advance for
visiting our coffee site. We have tried to provide
you with a site that would make your visit pleasurable,
keeping it simple, and offering only quality products
and service.

We have owned several businesses over the years,
but decided to reach out beyond our small town and
local boundaries. The easiest way to achieve that
goal is the world wide web, so here we are!

Coffee Lovers USA is all about providing the highest
Quality Arabica coffee beans. We have done our
research, so be assured, you will be more than
satisfied with your selection. We know people are
passionate about their Coffee and we are equally
passionate about satisfying your desire to enjoy
your unique brew.

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

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