Monday, March 29, 2010

Simple Solutions For A Better Cup Of Java!

Does it make a difference how you brew
your coffee?  The answer is a big YES!
For instance, take a typical automatic
drip coffee machine.

I've found a huge difference in the coffee
taste by simply not using the paper filter
when brewing. I found a screened basket
that fits most drip coffee makers to replace
the paper filter.
(By the way, DeLonghi machines come with
a gold tone screened basket.)

You see, most of  the oils and crema stay
in the paper filter and never reach your
cup with that wonderful flavor we all enjoy!

Another way to enjoy your favorite espresso,
regular or decaf coffee is the French Press.
An inexpensive maker that uses no paper
filters and allows those precious oils to make
it to your cup and then to your palette.

"Anytime Is Coffee Time!"

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